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The month of August, in which we commemorate the independence day of our mother nation and the assumption of Mother Mary, is a time of blessing and happiness. When we take both these commemorations together, the real meaning and the importance of freedom is revealed.

Freedom is a term which is widely discussed, interpreted and even misused. Many consider freedom as the license to live in the way one likes to live and to impose one’s own whims and fancies upon others. But the real freedom is meant to facilitate one to perform one’s duties responsibly. Freedom when utilized with responsibility becomes effective and fruitful. Whatever is contrary to this can lead us only to destruction.

When one performs one’s responsibilities in such a way that one grows for oneself and let others grow, freedom will be made possible in its true sense. One who thinks and acts creatively lets others to grow. Acts contrary to this will lead us to destruction.

When the people are good the families are good. When the families are good the society is good. When the society is good the nation is good and when the nations are good the entire world will be good. Freedom that the individuals use with responsibility is the root cause of the peace and harmony in the world. Whatever we do we should be able to do with dedication and with full heart. Real freedom contains in a content heart.

Let us not forget the words of St. Paul that: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Gal 5: 1). Let this Independence Day celebration help us to grow oneself and let others grow by doing good to others and thus to enjoy freedom in its real sense.

Rev. Fr Joseph Mundolickal CST

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