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Blessed with Healing

A few weeks back one patient was admitted in the hospital, where I work, in a very serious condition. His heart valves were ruptured and in many hospitals the doctors told that they are unable to treat that patient. Though he was in ventilator for fifteen days, he was not responding positively to the treatments. His condition was so critical that it was not even possible for him to undergo the operation. Seeing this painful condition of that patient my heart was broken. So I came to RRC and attended the services conducted there and promised to the Lord that if the patient is healed, I will testify it in the Renewal Voice. The patient improved very fast and the doctors did the operation successfully and the patient was discharged after a few days.

My mother had undergone the operation in her eyes. After the operation when her eyes were tested it was found that her visibility is very low. I together with my mother came to RRC and attended the services conducted there and requested prayer from the Fathers. God blessed my mother and she was given good eyesight. Bless you Jesus, Thank you Jesus

Beena, St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore

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