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By God’s Grace

This is about my daughter Grace. Grace like any other child had viral fever in July 2011, then again in August. It was within 2 months’ time that the viral fever had relapsed – the second time she did not have stamina to withstand it. The usual medication for viral fever was over but the fever was not completely gone and then she started having pain in her thighs. Sometimes the pain was so much she used to cry loudly at night in her sleep and found it difficult to even move her leg .The pain used to be so much, that for more than a month she missed school. I had to carry her if she had to move from one place to another, going to the washroom was a night mare .Her medicine and pain killer continued from 4th bottle to 10th bottle, I couldn’t see an end to it, if I didn’t give it, she used to get the pain. If I gave it, she used to be active. Then I consulted a pediatrician, who is also a famous endocrinologist. After conducting tests he said “I don’t find anything wrong, better to consult a neurologist.” That was it. The whole family prayed and I knew that I must come and consult to God the supreme healer

My mother, brother and family always attend the English Retreat at RRC. My family had already experienced many miraculous healings and graces at this Retreat. When we shared our sorrows and pains in the retreat we were given the reply that “nothing to worry, she will be alright.” They added that “you will go to different doctors and they will say there is nothing wrong” and in a months’ time you will start seeing a major change in Grace’s health and surely we could see it happening.  Grace started improving and recovered from the illness. Our prayerful thanks to Jesus for this miraculous healing and all the blessings received at RRC.
Seena Sebastian

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