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Healing from Mouth Cancer

I along with my family started attending the English retreat conducted in RRC from the year 2003 and loads of blessings we have received each time. One morning when I woke up and went to have a wash to get ready for breakfast, I was shocked to see a big lump in my mouth right up in my upper throat region. It appeared to be the size of a tennis ball or like a lemon.  My husband and I started praying intensely and comforting each other. At this time of our crisis we could only think of God who alone can answer us in this painful situation. When I informed about my sickness in my family, all the family members wanted us to see the doctor at the earliest but I was determined to first attend the retreat at Renewal Retreat Centre.

After the retreat in RRC we went to Bombay to see the doctor, a Cancer Specialist.  After the first examination this doctor referred me to another doctor, who was a well known ENT, so would handle my case better – as it was the throat region. This ENT doctor immediately examined me and fixed the date for the surgery to get the lump out of me and accordingly the treatment would start. The lump was infected and was immediately sent for tests.  After two days the reports were out and we had to collect it and take it to show the doctor immediately. The medical attendant wouldn’t tell us what was mentioned on the report. So we opened the reports and read. It stated that I was suffering from Non Hodgkins lymphoma, a very rare type of cancer of the lymph nodes. I was advised to start medication with Chemotherapy and Radiation so as to avoid the spread and growth of cancer cells in my body.

At this crisis our only hope was in God. So again we attended the retreat conducted by the RRC team. After the retreat we needed to go back to Bombay to continue our treatment but I confidently stayed back for a week before traveling back. I was so confident, that the good Lord has touched and healed me through this retreat. So I wanted to see the doctor before I could start my treatment and made an appointment. I met the doctor – he was so annoyed with me because I didn’t start my treatment, he started scolding us. All I mentioned to him was- Doctor I went to attend a retreat.  Hearing this he shouted more. After a while he examined me and said it would be good to do a PET scan to know how much the cancer cells have grown and spread. But when the report came doctors were surprised to see that no cancer tissues found anywhere in the body. We bless and thank the good Lord for all the marvelous deeds God done for me and my family.

Sharon Carvalho, Hong Kong

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