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Miracles through the Sacrament of Reconciliation

I was travelling to different countries a lot due to work assignments and my last assignment before coming to India was in USA. I had a good income and a lot of freedom so I kept misusing this freedom by further falling into all kinds of sin. Now, all this increased the disturbances at home, at work and affected my health, which continued to become worse, and no healing was in sight. Suddenly, I lost my job in the USA, no other job opportunities would come my way, and back at home in Bangalore, India a lot of trouble related to property matters and legal issues started coming up…none of the problems could be solved, no matter how much I tried. For no reason whatsoever, many misunderstandings started coming up in the family among relatives and I was isolated in the family. At work nothing was fruitful. Meanwhile the property and legal issues started increasing and becoming worse. These issues had to be resolved only by me, as I was the eldest male member in the family. My health started getting from bad to worse. I would go to church and pray with tears, but nothing would work. I was completely boxed in from all sides. So I decided to come back to Bangalore, and face all the problems which I did not want to face. When I reached Bangalore, troubles started hitting me from all sides, I would just sit at home “feeling as though tied up in chains”, and I was completely helpless as none of my troubles were getting resolved however hard I tried.

It was during these moments of crisis that God’s grace started working in me through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It still remains a mystery to me as to how I found Renewal Retreat Center (RRC), but somehow I managed to come to RRC after much difficulty. I wanted to meet any priest at RRC and get help. The Office staff at RRC sent me to the then Director of RRC. I requested him to come bless our home. I felt this would remove the problems, but he prayed over me and advised me to attend the retreat.

During the retreat when I attended the sessions I realized the sins I had committed in my past life and the Spirit of the Lord blessed me to do a good confession. After the retreat, especially after the Confession, all the problems and troubles which I was facing for  many years – miraculously disappeared within a month – the property and legal problems got resolved, family reconciliation process started, my health improved and Spiritual and Material Blessings started pouring in abundance. The Blessings continue to pour as I continue to attend the Retreats and hear the Word of God every single month and this has changed me to pick up the Bible, read the Word of God and be a more prayerful person. Bless you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

Prakash Francis, Bangalore.

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