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In the Sanctuary of the Holy Wounds

Jesus appeared to St Margret Mary in one of her visions and said, “See my heart burning with love for the mankind”. The feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus invites us to experience of the unending love of Jesus.

When we have the confidence that we have a loving God, with a tender heart, who always cares for us, we are able to face the trials and tribulations of our lives. The Sacred Heart of Jesus gives us the confidence that the Lord will be with us even if the whole world rejects us.  The heart of Jesus is burning with love for the mankind and we should be born again through this fire of love. To personalize this experience we should lead a life closer to the Heart of Jesus. The Heart of Jesus is filled with immutable love. To everyone who betrayed him, inflicted him with wounds and deserted him in return he gives his unfathomable love.

All those who dedicate their families and honor the Sacred Heart find themselves abundantly enriched with those divine treasures of which His heart is the source. So the entire family every day should come together at the image of Sacred Heart of Jesus and proclaim, ‘Lord Jesus we dedicate and place our lives under your loving care.” This dedication will give us the confidence that I am protected by the Sacred Heart which will enable us to face the day to day trials that comes our way and Lord Jesus will fill us with the grace to overcome the trials and tribulations.

Fr Bineesh Mankunnel CST

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