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The word ‘Holy’ resonates with the trumpet of wars, because only those who have fought the war can become saints. All of us are standing at the edge of a cliff and waging a war. If we miss our balance, we are sure to fall. It is a tough act to balance as we have to fight our enemies at the same time not fall off the cliff. We need all our attention if we have to win. All the saints have fought these kinds of wars on their way to sainthood.

The saints who rose along with Christ are the pride of the Holy Church and that is why the Catholic Church celebrates 1st of November as All Saints ’ Day. Every faithful Christian should one day be called a saint. Every funeral reminds us of this. The dead intercede for us from heaven. It is not the only people who have been canonized by the Church are called saints but everyone who has led a holy life here on earth and passed on to heaven is saints and these millions are the pride of the Church.

Holiness surpasses all times all nations and continues to spread and grow.  Let us take the saints of all saints, Mother Mary. She was not born in Kerala or anywhere in India but we all love her and take protection under her mantle. This proves that the road to holiness is broad and reaches all of us.

There are many saints and the way to become a saint is also many. We have saints who shed their blood and attained martyrdom, even when they were being burnt did held on to their faith and went on to become saints. There are saints from the laities, priests and religious. We have saints who received conversion towards their end and traveled the path of holiness. There are saints who gave up all their riches and luxurious life and took up the path of holiness. We have saints who have fought with Christ, who have been child like with Jesus, who did not have a deep knowledge of the word; we have children, old people, youth who all took different paths to attain sainthood.

Seeing the grace of God in everything that He gives us let us also become saints. Let us be in love with Jesus and live in love with Him. Let us be ready to sacrifice our lives for Him. Under any circumstances let us aim to attain sainthood, let us pray for this and seek the intercession of all the saints.



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