Blessed with a Job

I was searching for a new job for over a year and nothing was happening. I kept attending a lot of interviews,around 15 of them. I would go through till the final round and then loose it. I had cleared all rounds but never got the offer letter.

I have been coming to RRC for last 15 years and this is the place where I met JESUS and He changed my life. So, during this difficult time, I continued to come to RRC for daily mass and adoration along with some personal time with the Lord in the chapel. When I shared my difficulty with the Fathersin RRC, they asked me to attend a retreat. So I attended a retreat in RRC. I started getting a lot of strength to go through my tough situation.

I kept attending daily mass and spending time in the cellar chapel for my personal prayer. I kept getting answers to my questions, things became easier and I started attending interviews in places where I never thought I should. All throughout Jesus was helping our family with every small thing. There was no shortage of anything.

I finally got a job with a good salary in an institution near RRC and with an opportunity to continue my daily mass and personal prayer in RRC.

I praise and thank the good Lord Jesus for all what He has done for me. I also thank Him for giving me this wonderful retreat center RRC.

Praise the Lord!!!

Avinash Savio Sainath