Healing from Eczema

I am here to give my testimony for my son who is one year old. At the age of 9 months, he started getting a skin rash all over his body and doctors said it was eczema. We saw around three doctors and put a lot of steroid creams and spent lot of money on doctors. The rash used to reduce for some time and then re-appear after a few days. Finally doctors said it would only heal when he around 12 years old.

During the prayer service for the sick on the last Saturday of May 2016, I asked Mother Mary to ask Jesus to heal my son. I started putting the blessed oil on him every day and I had faith that he would be healed. From June 1st the rash slowly started reducing. Now by the grace of God, it has been healed. There is absolutely no rash. He has got good baby skin.

Thank you mother Mary. Thank you Jesus for this healing.

Shalini Mariam, Adarsh Hill Apartment, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore.