Work Wise

As another Labor Day passes by; it is good to reflect on God’s expectations on us with regards to our work.

God expects man to work productively and not to live a lazy life. Even if one is retired, one is expected to engage oneself in doing something productive till one’s last breath.

Scripture says “A person who does not work must not eat” (2 Thes 3: 10).

God expects man to work honestly.

Scripture says” A person who earns money through dishonestly (by cheating others) and a person who takes bribes to testify against the innocent will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Proverbs 15: 27).

In God’s eye there is no distinction between great work and small work. Work is work whether it is paid work or volunteering or being in a full time career or being a homemaker.

Jesus, though being God himself, in his earthly life engaged himself in secular work until he began his public ministry at age 30. Peter who was the First Head of the Church was a fisherman. People who are not in alignment with God’s expectations work wise are bound to face its consequences. It may affect them physically, mentally and morally.

  • Physical Consequences- Those who live sedentary lives suffer various physical sickness like obesity, life style diseases etc. In fact engaging one’s body in some form of physical work/exercise can help reduce the risk of life style diseases significantly
  • Mental Consequences- Those who do not keep themselves busy in productive work tend to suffer from various serious mental conditions like clinical depression, schizophrenia, low self-esteem etc. In fact work is an antidote to many such mental conditions.
  • Moral Consequences – (i) Those who do not work at all, indulge in all kinds of unproductive activities. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Idleness is the gateway to sin.

(ii) Those who do not work legally or through honest means are living in sin.

Honest Work is like Worship, pleasing to the Lord!

Preethi George