Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him (Psalm 34: 8)

When my daughter Elisa was three months old she was affected with severe fever. Though she was given medicines, she was affected with epilepsy. Immediately we took her to St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore and she was admitted in the ICU and her heart beat began to increase. After a while her breathing was stopped. So she was shifted to the ventilator. When doctors informed us that it was almost sure that the child would die and even if she survives she will be having problems with eye sight, hearing capacity and mental & intellectual capacity. We were literally broken. After two days she was shifted to a more advanced ventilator. Doctors told us that since there were a lot of complications she cannot remain in this ventilator for more than two days.

At this time my family members and I came to RRC requesting prayer from the Fathers there. They comforted and ensured us that God will surely heal my child. Slowly she started improving and within a few days she was shifted to the ward. Since she had been in ventilator for so many days her head was infected and the doctors advanced for an immediate operation. Doctors warned us that since the problem is in the right side, her left side may be paralyzed. And the operation being complicated again she may be in need of being in the ventilator. Before the operation, with the special permission of the doctors we took her to RRC and the Fathers in RRC prayed over her.

As the doctors had feared, there was no complication in the operation and there were no side effects like blindness or other difficulties in brain function. At present she is perfectly healthy. We thank the Almighty Lord for showering such wonderful graces upon our family through Renewal Retreat Centre.

Suresh George Punnathanath, Bharathi Layout, Bangalore