THE Wounds

In this year of mercy, we specially ponder upon the boundless compassion and mercy of our Heavenly Father towards humanity. When we reflect upon the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the fountain of Jesus’ love and mercy and the Immaculate Heart of Mary who pondered the divine mysteries in her heart, it is indeed a priceless opportunity for us to experience the love and mercy of the Heavenly Father more deeply.

The immaculate heart of Mary teaches us how to turn our sufferings into a salvific experience. Even when the pains, sufferings and sorrows came into her life one after another, she neither murmured against God nor she went against the plan of God rather she pondered everything in her heart (Lk2: 19). She offered herself before the will of God and thus tried to understand the divine mysteries. From the very moment of her ‘fiat’, yes to the will of the Father till the last moment of her life she underwent numerous pains and sufferings. The prophecy of Simon made at the time of Jesus’ about the sword that will pierce through her heart was fulfilled in every moment of her life.

We all experience a lot of pains and sufferings in our daily life. But very often we fail to transform our pains as salvific experience. As we celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother Mary asks us to bear the pains of our daily life with the cross of our Lord and thus to turn the sufferings as salvific experiences.

After the life and example of Mother Mary who always sought the will of God in all the experiences of her life, let us also receive our pains and sorrows in accordance with the plan of God (Jer 29:11). Thus let us turn our hearts pure like the Immaculate Heart and prepare ourselves to receive the mercy of God.

Fr Prince Thomas Chakkalayil CST