Blessing for the Child in the Mother’s Womb

The ninth month’s scanning report of my pregnant wife showed that there is no proper blood circulation for the baby and no sufficient fluid in the uterus. Doctors suggested for an immediate delivery because in that condition the lives of both mother and child were in danger. I was really shocked and the date of normal delivery was two more weeks away.

That day inner healing retreat was going on in RRC. When I came to attend the inner healing retreat I explained my problems to the Fathers in RRC and requested their prayers. They strengthened me saying ‘God is with you and there is nothing to worry’. During the Eucharistic adoration the priest who was leading the adoration said that God is blessing a child in the mother’s womb. I strongly believed that this message was about my child.

After two days my wife had a normal delivery. But the baby’s weight was less than two kilograms. So doctors suggested that the child has to be shifted to NICU.  Hearing this I called RRC and requested prayers. After a few hours when the doctors examined, the child was found more active than the children with normal weight and there wasn’t any need of shifting the child to NICU. Usually it takes three to four days for a child to be discharged even if everything is normal. But my wife and child were discharged on the second day after the delivery. I wholeheartedly thank the Almighty for showering such wonderful blessings upon my family.

 Marcel, Staff Nurse, St. Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore.