It is said the best of qualities is the quality of sharing. Jesus himself said until and unless you give to others you can never become a part of the kingdom of God.

Most of the people today give, I am not complaining, there are people around us who are practising the virtue of giving. They share spend thousands of rupees for others but the question I want to put across the readers is whether this sharing really include caring?

Probably I do not want to explain big examples; a very small happening which most of us experience in our families is what I want to bring to your notice.

Most of us in our families have some members who are not so financially sound as others, probably they are suffering with any kind of shortcomings. Among us there are good people who go ahead to help them financially, help them in their difficulties or fund children’s education etc. this is a wonderful act. But what goes wrong is when we start bossing over those people or families whom we help. In my family itself I have witnessed when one member helps another member, the member who is getting help is always under the scrutiny of the other people. They are always under the radar and a boundary is put around them. A new dress they purchase becomes a problem, a piece of furniture they buy is an offence, eating out in the restaurant is a crime for them just because they are helped by someone. This is definitely not sharing, when God said when you are giving in your right hand even your left hand must not be aware, he meant to say that not just keep it a secret but do not interfere in the personal lives of people you help. As an individual our duty ends when we help others, we are no one to comment on their lives and make them feel miserable, and if we do so then our help will have no meaning at all. At the most we can suggest them if we feel they are misusing something, but constantly prying on someone’s life, commenting on their lifestyle or decisions would mean nothing of the help we do. Next time when we look around the people, who are in need of genuine help, let us come forward and help them. But let us not go on to interfere in their lives. Let us remember all the riches and possessions we enjoy does not belong to us, it is given to us by our heavenly father. Our almighty never questions us or keeps us under radar. We as children of God have absolutely no rights to do so.

Let us give happily and expect nothing in return, rather than criticizing let us learn to love them that is when our sharing becomes fruitful and fruits of care will be planted.

Sonal Lobo