Mother Teresa, the one who kept the spark of mercy in her heart and spread the light of divine mercy to the whole world is named to be raised to the perfection of holiness. The words of Pope Leo XIII “The salvation of India is in the hands of her own children” is fulfilled once again through Mother Theresa who is an Indian not by birth but by works.

In the book of Exodus chapter three, we see the call of Moses as the liberator and redeemer of God’s people from the oppressions and sufferings in the land of Egypt. God the Almighty appeared to Moses in the burning bush. When observed, Moses found that though the bush is burning it is not destroying anything. So with awe and wonder Moses tried to approach the burning bush. Then the Lord warned him: “Do not come closer. Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground” (Exodus 3: 5). Through these words God demanded Moses that in order to personally assimilate the divine fire he should be ready to say good bye to his selfishness and the attractions to the worldly pleasures. When Moses took off his shoes, when he humbled himself before God, Almighty made him the strongest prophet and the redeemer of Israel.

We see that the same call and mission of Moses is repeated in the call of Mother Teresa as well. Responding to the divine call, she left her mother land and all what she had and came to India to be with us. Like the shoes of Moses, the care and comfort of the Loreto Convent had been protecting her. When she realized that in order to accomplish her divine call she has to leave away these comforts and has to step into the pains and difficulties of the common people, she humbled herself and became one among them. When Moses left the shoes for the sake of God he was raised by God. In the same way when Mother Theresa succumbed herself fully to the will of God, God raised her to the divine glory.

It is to be noted that Mother Teresa who is popularly known as ‘the Mother of Mercy’ is raised to sainthood in the year of mercy. More than considering it as something accidental, I prefer to find it as the providence of God. May the life and intercession of Mother Theresa help us to keep the fire of divine mercy within us, to take off the shoe of worldly comforts and to be the living faces of divine mercy in our daily lives.

Fr. Prince Chakkalayil CST