Healing for Family Members

My mother had been suffering from severe itching in her eyes. Though we tried many medicines nothing showed a positive result and her conditions became verse day by day. While we were attending a healing adoration on Saturday evening, the priest leading the adoration gave a message that God is healing a person suffering from an infection in her eyes. We believed that this message was said about my mother. On that very day she was completely cured.

My brother had been badly suffering from pimples on his face. Though he applied many medicines, there was no change at all. My mother attended Marian Night and prayed for my brother saying if he is cured, we will testify it in the Renewal Voice. From the very next day pimples started disappearing and within a few days he was completely cured. Though my brother applied medicines for three years, there was no positive result. But when we trusted in the Lord, the Lord healed him in a moment’s time. Bless you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

Jisha, Bangalore