Miraculous Divine Intervention

I had been suffering from severe stomach ache for two years. In the scanning it was shown that a cyst has developed in my stomach, which is thirty centimeters long. Doctors said since the cyst is too big the internal organs were pressed by this and it can be removed only through an open surgery which is highly risky and complicated. They also said that my left ovary has to be removed. When we asked about keyhole surgery the doctors said that it is not at all possible to do a keyhole surgery. In this situation, I rang up to RRC and requested prayer from the Fathers there and prayed that if God gives me healing I will testify it in RRC. After praying, the Fathers in RRC told me that the good Lord will do a miracle for me and there is no need of an open surgery and the cyst can be removed through a keyhole surgery. Though in the operation chart sheet it was written to do the open surgery the doctor decided to do keyhole surgery and the surgery was completed without any risk or complications and there was no need of removing the ovary. I wholeheartedly thank the good Lord for showering his blessings into my life.

Minu Joshi, Thadavanal, Dubai