Got the Certificates Back

Though I studied nursing, since I got an opportunity in business after the studies I had not asked for my original certificates from the university. After a few years when I was in need of the certificates I contacted the college. But they told me that I have to pay a huge amount as fine. Though many recommended for me, there was no positive move from the college. In this situation I came to RRC and attended the inner healing retreat conducted there. During the adoration in the retreat the priest who was leading the adoration gave a message that one person is blessed by getting his certificates back. After the retreat I contacted the college once again. To my surprise they gave me back all the certificates on the same day without any fine or fees. Though I had been trying to get the certificates back for the last two years I could not get it. But when God intervened in my life he removed all the blocks in a moment and made everything positive for me. Bless you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

Prabeesh Sebastian, Thaipparampil, Kozhikkode