What if a larva does not know the fascinating butterfly it will soon become? Man also does not know his own greatness or what he is destined to become. He lives in ignorance of what he is actually capable of. All that he is able to think up with his so called advanced intellect is so limited. It seldom measure up to the reality of who he really is or what he is capable of. Man can only find himself fully in God – his creator.

Man does not become great by addition but by subtraction. Man tries to become great by adding to him degrees, possessions, wealth, health, superficial beauty, name, fame etc. He thinks he is the sum total of the value of all that he processes. He becomes great by letting go…

His greatness lies within himself. Because he isn’t humble enough to look up to God. He fails to look into himself and find the treasure. Godless man is driven by inordinate passions and desires and not by the light and wisdom of God. Greatest of his ambition thus is still earth bound and tiny.

Who is a godless man? You might think I’m referring to some self professed atheists and God haters. Error! I’m referring to all those who have not plunged into the unknown leaving their lives totally in the hands of God. Let me repeat – Man cannot reach his fullest potential except in God – his creator.

Salvation as you might think is not merely a saving act and but a discovery of self. It is discovering who I actually am. It is discovering my real greatness. It is about sharing God’s own life; it is partaking in God’s divine nature.

Growing into true greatness means to unlearn the worldly knowledge and relearn everything in the light of the divine. Jesus said I’m the truth, He also said I’m the life. He went on to say I’m the light. Jesus is the revelation of the Father in whom we have our fullness. It is the Holy Spirit; the same Spirit that animates the life of God that God has given to us, to animate our lives. True greatness is ascending to the realm of the creator, gliding on the super natural grace he supplies. God wants us to ascend to his own Glory. He loves us so much that he wants to share everything with us.

If we choose to surrender and handover the reign of our lives to God and throw ourselves into his hands, trusting him without a trace of doubt, reordering our lives according to his commandments, we will be set free to soar heights and traverse depths unknown. This unknown is God. But He won’t be unknown for long. Knowing God just as he knows us is Heaven. Heaven awaits us. True greatness lies in abandoning oneself into the merciful, all powerful, protecting, caring, empowering, fatherly, yet mighty hands of God.

Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43).

Jacob Jose