Recently I visited a famous church in Bangalore. As I was sitting and praying, a gentleman who cleans the place came to me and politely asked me to get up and occupy some other place so that he could clean it, after telling me he moved a little ahead were two teenage girls, not so well dressed (obviously they seemed to come from a poor family), he angrily scolded those girls and asked them to move has he was going to sweep.

I began to wonder and ponder upon the change in his behaviour. Just because I was dressed a little modern he was kind and polite whereas those two simple looking poor girls were scolded and literally harassed. This was the least thing I had expected in a holy place from a believer.

In our lives too, we tend to treat each one differently. We shout at the waiter but are good to the manager. We grumble at the salesman but we are polite to the owner. That’s how most of us live a life of hypocrite.

Jesus the son of God, the highest among all was not good to the Pharisees or Sadducees, but he mingled and lived among the tax collectors and sinners. We as his children are expected to respect every person equally. No discrimination must be done on the basis of caste, colour, profession or their financial status.

I always remembered my dad tell my mom, never scold the maid since she is a daughter from some other house and it is our responsibility to love her. Then I wondered what it meant but now I know, no one is big or small, everyone is equal in God’s sight than who are we to judge people and treat them wrong.

As Christians we need to set an example to our fellow brothers and sisters. If we treat the people under us in an inhuman manner how can we expect love and appreciation from others?

It is easy to love and give to those who give us back, but it takes a big heart to give to those who cannot give us in the same measure. So let us learn to respect each other and make this world a better place to live in.

Sonal Lobo