Visit Freely Receive Freely

Time and again every person seeks wonders to happen in life. He wants to enjoy peace, good health, success, money etc in a blink of an eye. But no one realizes rightly where to visit and how to receive freely and the ways to receive.

Everyone wants fast relief, fast food, fast download, fast bookings, fast reply, but no one has patience to wait and watch the slow process of solutions.

The choice is left to every individual to decide whether to go on a safer side or to choose the difficult way to achieve the success and blessings. One can opt the simplest way to visit and feel the changes in their life. For Christians the Holy place is Church, but we find the other way opted by many

The road to success is always difficult, but some try to achieve it easily. They depend on superstitions and visit those persons who perform witchcraft. To visit such places is risky, people visit at nights to avoid people to see them. One has to visit in disguised manner. Fear to visit such secluded places. One has to take coconuts, fruits, lemons, sometimes has to offer sacrifice of animals, blood, even to the extent of sacrificing human life and even the dignity of women. One Acts according to the demands of these fake persons and thus begins idol worship at homes and give way for Satan to enter freely.

Give donations, offerings, pay a huge amount and receive nothing in return. More than that guilt feeling pricks within after visiting such places. Whatever we receive it is of just temporary satisfaction. “If any turn to mediums and wizards, I will set my face against them” (Lev. 20:6-7).

The second choice is easy but has to wait for a slow reply specially by visiting the Churches, Retreat centers, Adoration chapels one can see the gradual changes. It is a place of silence, a place of meditation, as such there is no fixed time to visit these holy places. Open to every caste and creed, just needed is to spend time in prayer gazing on to the Crucifix who has taken all our troubles. Requirement is deep trust and confidence and constant prayer. Priests are at our disposal for our spiritual need. And reading of Bible, reciting of Rosary, daily prayer brings closer to God.

Let our family be a first place of prayer and try to increase faith and trust in God and not in the material and passing things. Seeing our good and Christian life, others will imitate us. Then let us visit freely and receive freely, the blessings in abundance. Let our emptiness be filled with fullness. Let our sinfulness be turned into faithfulness. “Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established’’ (Prov. 16:3).

Fr. Johnson Fernandes