Archbishop’s Message

The 22nd anniversary of the Renewal Retreat Centre (RRC) was celebrated on 4th December, 2016. His Grace Bernard Moras, the Archbishop of the Bangalore Archdiocese officiated the Eucharistic Celebration.

Archbishop Dr. Bernard Moras in his homily, exhorted the congregation to pay heed to Pope Francis’ message of the ‘Holy Year of Mercy’ saying “Even though the doors of mercy were symbolically closed on November 20, our hearts should be ever open and flowing with mercy towards one another, specially toward those who are in dire need of mercy, love and compassion. This is the mark and summary of our whole Christian Faith”. “The gospels” he said “are replete with incidents of Jesus teaching and acts of mercy. We must follow in the footsteps of Jesus and become beacons of mercy”. Reminding the gathering of the Holy Father’s introduction of the ‘World Day of the Poor’, he urged the Faithful to have a special consideration and charity for the poor.

The Archbishop, pointing out that it is impossible to experience peace when one carries hatred and grudge in one’s heart, spoke of acclaimed painter Leonardo da Vinci who had so much anger in his heart over Judas’ betrayal of Jesus that he could not complete his masterpiece ‘The Last Supper’ until he could breathe forgiveness upon him in his heart.

The Archbishop also clarified about why RRC, which was founded 22 years back in the archdiocese, is continuing in the Bangalore Archdiocese.

Two years ago the Diocese was, rather, according to the rites divided. Then Mandya Diocese came as per the directives of Rome.

While the Syro Malabar, Syro Malankara Congregations and houses were divided, and went under the jurisdiction of the respective Eparchies or the Dioceses Syro Malabar, Syro Malankara, the Renewal Retreat Center that was started in the Diocese, is primarily serving the people of Bangalore and people who are coming to Bangalore without any distinction of language or rites. And this center opted to remain with the Archdiocese of Bangalore to cater to the spiritual needs of the people who come here. And the Rome approved the request of the Diocese as well as the Little Flower Congregation who runs the RRC, stating that the request is approved for the good of all the people. And this is why RRC is under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. The Archbishop reminded the faithful to respect and follow the decision of the Holy See.

The Archbishop thanked RRC for the services it is rendering for the people of God in Karnataka and especially the faithful in the Bangalore Archdiocese. He wished and prayed that God bless the services of RRC and requested all to extend their fullest cooperation as they have done so far to RRC so that the good work started by RRC for the people of God continues and the God is glorified.

Archbishop’s Message