It was on Palm Sunday that the messianic glory of Jesus was revealed in its fullness. All the four evangelists write about the glorious entry of Jesus to the city of Jerusalem. It was on this day that Jesus came as the comforter and savior to the common people who with their sufferings and sorrows cried out: “Son of David, Have mercy on us”.

The king who travels upon the donkey symbolizes peace. So by entering the city, sitting upon the donkey, Jesus proved that he is the king of peace. The people received Jesus with the cry “Hosanna, Hosanna to the Son of David”. Hosanna means ‘save us’ or ‘give us victory’. Psalmist prays: “Save us, we beseech you, O Lord! O Lord, we beseech you, give us success!” (Ps 118: 25). Seeing Jesus, people made this same prayer realizing that Jesus is the only one who is capable of redeeming them and giving them victory.

Every human being in this world suffers from various kinds of fear and anxiety. The rich are afraid that the thief may steal their wealth and make them poor. The healthy are afraid of being afflicted with various kinds of deceases. A ruler is afraid of his enemies who would work against him and dethrone him. The fear of death haunts every human being. But it is Jesus who alone can redeem us from all sorts of fears and anxieties.

Jesus alone is the one before whom we can pour out all our fears and anxieties, sufferings and worries. He alone can allay our sufferings and anxieties and give us protection and strength in the face of problems and insecurities. During this holy season of Easter let us commend all our pains and sorrows, problems and anxieties to Jesus. He will give us peace, comfort and happiness. Because he has overcome the world of sin and death through his resurrection.

Fr Prince Chakkalayil CST