Miraculous Healings

My friend was blessed with a child in the month of January. At the time of birth the size of the baby’s head was three times larger than that of a normal child. Besides the child was affected with lung infection.  The doctors therefore told us that there was no possibility for the child to survive. In this hopeless situation we came to RRC, attended the various services conducted there and requested the prayers of the Fathers there. The good Lord did miraculously heal the child and within a few days the child was discharged with normal health. Thank you Jesus.

Though my aunt had undergone six courses of chemotherapy, there was no positive result and she was advised for a major surgery. We all prayed for the speedy recovery of my aunt. Doctors had told that after the operation she would have to be in the hospital at least for three weeks. But to our great surprise she got a speedy recovery and was discharged on the third day. Bless you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

Fredin, SG Palaya, Bangalore