Healing from Dengue Fever

I was down with Dengue last month and the platelet count was very low but I didn’t want to miss the special adoration that was being held on 13th as part of the centenary celebration of the apparition of Mother Mary at Fatima. I attended the service even though I was weak from the fever and happen to hear the testimony of someone who had a near death experience from dengue and how they were saved by attending the service in RRC. Filled with hope on hearing the testimony I also placed my intention and prayed for healing. My tiredness was gone by the time I reached home and upon further blood test the platelet count had increased as well. All the rashes which was formed because of this fever was also disappeared miraculously on the same day, surprising even the doctors. I am grateful for the Lord who blessed me through the intercession of Mother Mary.

Anju, Koramangala, Bangalore