The Lord is my shepherd there is nothing I shall want (Ps 23: 1).

Last year in the month of July we noticed that Jonas Furtado, our 2.5 year old healthy active son was getting weak and becoming pale. He was vomiting continuously, for which he was treated by a child specialist. But there wasn’t any improvement and to our surprise one day he just stopped walking. He could not stand or walk. We were all panicky as he developed tremors for his head portion.

He was admitted to a reputed hospital in Bangalore and his MRI scan showed 2 lesions in his brain. After several tests including the painful Lumbar Puncture test the Paediatric Neurologist confirmed that the lesions were a result of a condition called Brainstem demyelination. He was put under immediate medication of pulse steroids and IVIG for 7 days. After which he was discharged from the hospital, the oral steroids were continued but there was no much improvement.

We sought Gods help and through my Sister-In-Laws suggestion brought him to RRC and we spoke to the Coordinator of the retreat who looked at my son and prayed upon him and gave us assurance that nothing is wrong with our child. In the meanwhile my son’s treatment continued. He was given a second dose of IVIG as the tremors were spreading to his hands, hips and legs.

After our first retreat we were overjoyed to see that our son could now hold his head and the tremors had stopped. There was no looking back and we faithfully attended the retreat at RRC every month and our Son’s condition improved steadily. In 3 months time he was off medicine while his physiotherapy continued.  He was now able to stand on his own and walk.

Today our Son is not only healed but is also attending school after a gap of one year. The best part of all this was not only the healing but the experience of God’s love and mercy. Every now and then our faith was put to test but Gods grace and through Mother Mary’s intercession, helped us to hold on strongly. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus!!!

Steve and Patsy Furtado