The Lord never fails

Two years back when I got admitted into college I had to choose a second language and English, German and French were given as options for me. I was persuaded into taking up German. When I wrote the German paper I was confident but I was really disappointed that after all the hard work – I got only less mark. As the portions advanced I found it really tough to keep up with the pace of the teacher and ended up failing in the third semester. I gave up and from then on I used to attend German classes only for the sake of getting attendance. I was totally disinterested.

In January when my friend came up with the offer to study in Canada together, failing in German was one of my main concerns. When I spoke to the lady who was helping us apply for admission – she said “You just need to focus on passing the subject and get an overall 70 percent or above”. I was wondering how am I going to do that because till now my overall percentage has never gone above 65 per cent.

In the retreat conducted in RRC in the month of February, the coordinator said that I will excel in German and will speak it so fluently that I can work in the consulate. I claimed these words and from then on made an effort to understand what was being taught in my German classes. In the internal assessment I prayed and remembered the words I heard in the retreat and secured a good result. Then in April for my final exam – the paper was the toughest.  I said to myself – I do not want to re-write this paper. The coordinator had said I will excel in this language and moreover it wasn’t me, but my Lord who wrote this paper today and ‘He cannot fail’. When I got my results, I was on top of the world, because my overall mark was 72 percent.

When I was applying for my XI standard, I was given the message in the retreat to take up psychology. It was only later that I understood the importance of direction in my life – especially when I had applied for Honours in Psychology. For the final exam my Psychology paper was just the day after Easter, and by Sunday evening I realized I had a lot left to study and it would be impossible for me to finish. I  panicked and for the first time I did not sleep and studied  for my exam. I was praying the entire time because I had applied for Honours in Psychology in Canada and if I don’t do well – I can forget about the admission. I got the question paper and it was the easiest paper ever ! I could finish it an hour before. I thanked the Lord the entire day and when I got my results I had got 79 out of 100 in my Psychology paper. Praise the Lord.

Rajana Angel