The Lord’s protection is on you

My wife was under severe medication for Arthritis with very strong dosage of medicines. Suddenly she developed ulcers all over her mouth and she was in terrible pain. After the checkup we realized that she had taken an overdose of the wrong medicine. The dosage allowed was 100 gms per week and she took 100 gms every day for 7 days.
The doctor said “You are lucky she is alive”. One of my brothers who suffer from platelet problems asked “does she have rashes all over her body?” When I said “yes” he told me that she was bleeding internally and a blood test showed that her platelets had dropped to just 5,000. That night we rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said “I cannot assure you that she will survive because the medicine she has taken is so strong that it might have already destroyed her organs.” She was rushed to the ICU and she was sinking. At this point the hospital called for blood platelets immediately.

For the past 10 years we have been coming to the English retreat at Renewal Retreat Centre. We have received so much healing. We called the leaders of English retreat that very night and told everything. They were shocked to hear that my wife was dying.  They prayed from her heart and my wife could experience the power. They gave the message that, “She will come out of the ICU.” They asked me to go in front of the crucifix and pray. I and my daughter prayed on our knees for the whole night with tears for the mercy of God to flow upon us. The whole morning the team members also prayed unceasingly on their knees for my wife. They said “Nothing will happen to her. The Lord’s protection is upon her.” By afternoon the platelets were given and by the mercy of God, her blood count improved and as it was said, that very day my wife came out of the ICU!  We thank the good Lord for his mercy and compassion upon us because of which my wife got a new life. Praise you Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Anthony Williams