How Daily Mass Can Change your life

For me, when I was studying my post-graduation, my mother, used to force me to attend a Friday service or any other week day service apart from Sunday. This eventually became a habit for me to attend mass every Friday and Sunday.

I began to admire my family members who would attend daily mass which then became a lesson to me. Over the years, I’ve learned so much from them about prayer, discernment, the saints, and more.

After a few years of attending daily mass, what I realise is that, you will never realise the benefits of daily mass immediately. It is only over a period of time that you realise how the impact of the daily mass helps make the right decisions, your visit to the sick after a mass helps in their healing and so on. The daily mass will provide peace and order in our lives and the armour we and our family need to fight the earthly battle.

Meeting Jesus and receiving him in the Eucharist is something special and which helps build a beautiful relationship with him. The Lord is eager to communicate with us during the mass, so we should carefully listen to him. It is important to listen to Him and act on what he talks to you. The main thing is offering yourself to Him during offertory and receiving Him during holy communion, so that I can be a Christ bearer to my family, friends and people I encounter.

We commit sins daily. The Holy mass offers the Lord’s generous forgiveness in several ways. But more significantly, the Eucharist cleanses us of our venial sins. That’s because the Mass re-presents Jesus’ eternal sacrifice which destroyed our sin and death. But while the Eucharist strengthens us to resist serious sin, it does not deal with mortal sins, which we must confess in the sacrament of reconciliation.

Many would think that “Mass is boring.”, “Why can’t I pray alone?” and so on. “If you really thought about who you are, who God is, and how much thanks you owe Him, you
would want to go to Mass. The Mass would become the source and centre of your spiritual life.” 

Daily mass doesn’t promise a problem free life or a temptation free life, but it equips you with the right weapons to fight the battle.

Avinash Sainath