My A to Z reasons to be at the Retreat in RRC?

It is only by God’s grace that I came to the Retreat in Renewal Retreat Centre (RRC).   To say I was broken within, before coming to RRC would be an understatement – I was deep in sin, crushed and trying to grope in the darkness – for a light which I didn’t know existed.

Why am I there at the English Retreat?

Looking back – here are my a) to z) reasons to be at the English Retreat of RRC:

  • My soul goes through a free X-ray scan every month and I get an opportunity to know what area of my life I need to work on.
  • I was blessed with a beautiful wife, who is a pillar of strength at home.
  • I’ve recognized that my parents are the best I could ask for.
  • We got our two children as God’s gift of growing happiness.
  • My two sisters are married and settled with their husbands and children
  • I experienced the powerful weapon called the rosary.
  • My work life has dramatically improved from the day I stepped into RRC.
  • I realize that spending time at the Eucharist will be source of power any day of my life.
  • Mass has a meaning and I realize God speaks every time.
  • I’m gifted with a circle of people who are God fearing and enable me to be “on track”.
  • Reading the Psalms has become a way of life every day.
  • I have gone to the Holy Land and countries I had not even dreamt of.
  • In our family we talk about at least one miracle that happens every day.
  • My five year old son and six year daughter – sing songs of praise to God.
  • Lent, Easter, Christmas, New Year, Feast days…….there are new reasons throughout the year to come closer to God.
  • I pray to be right with God.
  • Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness……these have moved from being words and become LIVE experiences for me.
  • Opportunities and results in work and personal life come looking for me – at times when I least expect them.
  • Sickness disappearing through prayers is a divine experience that has happened time and again in our family and community.
  • Interceding through the rosary and Psalm 91 have become a daily part of family prayer.
  • I recognize that Abba Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary and all the saints are part of my family and not something far off from me.
  • Saint Antony has helped me time and again to find things which I have lost.
  • My near and dear ones recognize that prayers are answered at the Retreats in RRC and so – have requests that I’m glad to bring to the Lord on their behalf.
  • I have received the gift of tongues during adoration.
  • Confession is a must and there is always something new that I learn at every retreat.
  • I have experienced a miracle – every time.

These are some of my reasons – do come and you will find your own.

Sibu B Vaz