Our Mother in Heaven

A mother is the most beautiful and caring person in the world. Her love remains unchanged throughout our lives. The word, ‘Mother’ fills us with hope and peace.

A mother’s love is universal and we can see this love even among animals and birds. They take care of the young ones by protecting and providing them with food and when the time comes for them to leave the nest or their pack they are forced out by the mother and the relationship ends there. The love between a mother and child continues even after marriage and this sets us apart from God’s other creation.

Mother is our protection and sanctuary in our earthly life. While the love and protection of our earthly mother may be limited but we have been given a spiritual mother Mary whose love and protection is eternal. Jesus at the time of his crucifixion gave Mary as our mother and she continues to guide us in our spiritual life. We address Mary as, “Mary our mother and refuge”.  Mary, as a mother, shares with us the pain of the piercings of our hearts, in our having to let go in small or big ways of whom and what we love.  She is guiding force when we stray from the presence of the Lord. Her appearance in Lourdes and Fatima are great examples of her guidance.

The holy Church celebrates September 8th as the birthday of Mary our mother.  This celebration should lead us to our Mother and may this devotion lead us to Jesus our savior.

Fr. Joseph Mundolickal CST