The blind God

The untimely death of his wife and the loss in business had thrown this man into a world of dejection and hopelessness. The thought of his 3 year old child is what kept him from committing suicide. As he was getting out of the church after the funeral service he heard someone say, ‘God must be really blind and cruel to bring down such difficulties in to this man’s life’. When he heard these words of sympathy his heart echoed their sentiments. As he was walking with these thoughts in his mind he happened to look at the big cross at the entrance of the church and on that cross hung the image of Jesus, naked, broken and weak at the foot of the cross was the image of Mother Mary.

Mary became pregnant under suspicious circumstances at a very young age, was widowed soon after and witnessed the suffering and crucifixion of her son at the hands of the Jews and it is to this woman the whole world reaches out at times of difficulties with their prayers and seeks her intercession.

The thought as to how Mother Mary had the strength to bear the cross of sufferings and stand strong was plaguing him as he walked home. ‘Mary offered all the sufferings and accepted everything as the will of God and this strengthened her faith’. A voice whispered in his ears. Mary was sure that the Father in heaven would not let her down and this faith and trust in her Lord kept her going.

When we face difficult situations and go through sufferings we also start asking questions like, ‘Is God truly blind and cruel? Has he given upon me?’ and so on.  Let us be aware that the Lord sees everything and provides us with strength to face every situation in our lives. As per the world the loss of Joseph was a great loss for Mary but God made Joseph and Mary the door of salvation for the world. God can change our sufferings as a way to heaven and awareness of this spiritual truth will lead us to eternal life.

Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God (2 Timothy 1:8).