The Jar Touched by the Lord

How wonderful is the mercy that the Lord Jesus showered on the jars in Canna! These jars served only one purpose, to store water to wash the feet of the guests and ignored by all for the rest of the time. When our Lord Jesus touched these jars with hands of love, the water in these jars turned into the best wine and were elevated from a place of neglect to the best place in the wine cellar. The touch of Lord Jesus has elevated the lives of many into sainthood and we remember the many saints in the month of October.

Mary accepted the word of the Lord without any questions and lived the word of God setting aside her aspirations with the hope that nothing is impossible for God. She becomes our inspiration and companion as we spend the month of October meditating on the mysteries and reciting the Rosary. The month of October begins with the feast of St Therese of Child Jesus popularly known as Little Flower. She wanted to be ignored by the humanity but live a life acceptable and in accordance to the will of God. October 4th is celebrated as the feast of St Francis of Assisi. St Francis in his desire to work for the Lord was ready to lay aside even the garments he had received from his Father in front of the public. No one else in history was as dedicated as Francis to imitate the life, and carry out the work of Christ, in Christ’s own way—Francis is sometimes even remembered as alter Christus, “another Christ.” The Church celebrates 15th of October as the feast of St Teresa of Avila. She forsook the life this world had to offer and guided by the Holy Spirit lived a life pleasing to the Lord and confirmed her place in the company of other saints. The lives of these saints prove that by just mere touch of the Lord how the life of an ordinary human being can be transformed.

We may be like these jars in Canna living a life of desolation and dejection. We too will be transformed from nothing to greatness with the loving touch of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us not forget the fact that The Lord has claimed us his own as in Isiah 43:4 says, ‘Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable’. Let not forget to hold on to the outstretched hand of Lord Jesus Christ during the weakest moment of our lives trusting completely in His providence.

Fr. Prince Chakkalayil CST