Unlikely Saint

St Therese of Little Flower is one of the holiest saints of modern times, a great theologian and patroness of the universal missionary works. Catholic Church dedicates October 1st as the feast day of St Therese. She showed the world that it is very easy to earn the love of Jesus through humility, simplicity and self –denial attained the highest honor of sainthood.

If we explore the history of many saints, we see stories of great sufferings and sacrifices they had to go through to achieve sainthood. St Therese’s journey to sainthood was different from other saints. What set her apart from other saints was her approach to the daily chores. She did them with love and happiness and offered everything for His glory. She accepted her day to day sufferings in her life as the will of God. Her life was so simple and peaceful that her community of sisters were unsure of her holiness and put the superior in a fix while composing her eulogy.

She looked for the will of God in every task that she did. She would ask herself if a task would please the Lord and only if it did she would go ahead with the task if not even if the task was something of great interest and liking she would not do it. Thus she lived to do the will of God and this elevated her life to a life of holiness.

Her way of life set an example for men from all walks of life, one which can be imitated by all of us. Her life shows us that we can search for the will of God in every simple or complex situations and fulfill them with love and faith and thus we can aspire to be a saint like her one day.

Fr. Joseph Mundolickal CST