You are next!

It was a perfect day to fly. The weather was pleasant with light breeze passing you by with a slight touch, the clouds moving along to the tune of the breeze. The kite was enjoying the view the heavens and the earth had to offer, the clouds, the breeze, the hillocks with streams running down it. The kite danced along the sky as the little boy on the hill controlled it.

The kite soar up to the sky feeling like the king of the world soaking up the views of the world.  He could see green paddy fields, parks, beautiful gardens, ponds and lakes and streams on one side and on the other all the views the city could offer. The kite wished to fly like a butterfly and go around exchanging stories and sing along with the calves and the fawns and enjoy the beautiful life but he could only wish as his control was in the hands of the little boy down on the hill. The kite tried to console himself with the thought that he could be free to go around as he could do now.

Did he hear someone calling him? Who will call me he thought to himself.

Then he heard the voice calling him again. Hey I was calling you? Then he saw a beautiful bird in front of him. “I have been observing you for some time, what are you doing roaming around here” asked the bird.

‘Nothing’ said the kite.

‘Tell the truth, what happened? I can see the sadness in your eyes’

‘Nothing friend, I am just enjoying the views’.

The bird moved closer to the kite and said, ‘This is nothing, there is still a lot to see, there is a village across the mountain. There is a beautiful ocean as well.  It is so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to come back’.

‘Really’! Asked the Kite.

‘True, trust me you won’t feel like coming back’, said the bird.

‘Ocean? What is that’?

‘Ocean, sea…you won’t understand when you hear you need to see it to believe it. If you come with me I can take you to see these beautiful sights’.

The kite sighed and expressed his disappointment, ‘I really wish I could my friend, but do you see that little boy down there, he is controlling my movement so there is no way I can make it’.

‘Oh that’ said the bird. Don’t worry I will take care of that. I will bite the thread which is controlling you and you will be free after that’ and saying that he cut the thread which was controlling the kite. At the very moment the kite went flying down to the marshy land and was destroyed. The bird continued to fly happily in the air.

Dear young friends, do not for a moment doubt. You are like that kite. This world is like a mirage and offers many attractions and we may dream of flying away to enjoy these attractions the world has to offer but there is always an invisible thread – ‘The Church’ that is holding us back.

The thread holds together our relationships, commitments, thoughts, and the spiritual limits. This thread is called the grace of God and it is controlled by our Lord at every moment and He will never let go of us.

However there are always these so called friends who are waiting for a chance to gain control of the thread and lead you astray. Often it comes in the guise of a helping hand. It will take just a second for us to lose the grace and fall in to a ditch. Let us be observant and careful.

Remember you are the target always and so do not let go of this thread of grace. Your grace is sufficient for us Lord and continue to bestow your grace upon us so that way may realize the importance of your grace and gift and live happily. Amen!

Jayaraj vazhithala