Blessing through Renewal Voice Magazine

I was involved in a court case for last 6 years and even though I was innocent all the evidence was against me and was difficult to prove my innocence. I was going through a very difficult time and was praying to Mother Mary to help me out of this situation. I heard about RRC and the Renewal Voice Magazine through an aunt of mine. I called and requested for the prayers and promised to testify through the magazine. My prayers were heard and the court believed in my innocence and acquitted me. As an offer of my thanksgiving I started buying 100 copies Renewal Magazine every month and started distributing it to others. As a result I was blessed immensely and I was able to clear all my debts and start a new business. Through the intercession of Mother Mary and RRC all my prayers were heard. I praise and thank the Lord for all the blessing showered on me.

Penty Edwin, Eranakulam.