God the Healer

My mother suddenly developed swelling in the body and was rushed to the hospital. The ECG showed some variations and we were advised to consult a cardiac surgeon. We came back home and the next day was a Sunday so we took part in the adoration and the services held in RRC and promised to testify. During the adoration the priest gave a message that a person with a heart condition is being touched by the Lord and is healed. We claimed the healing for our mother and prayed with faith. We consulted cardiac surgeon the next day. All the tests were normal so did the kidney function tests and the results were all normal.

A few days ago there was a small swelling in my mouth and we were worried. We prayed that if I am healed without any treatment I will give my testimony in RRC and as a result of our prayers and through the intercession of Mary our Mother the swelling subsided within days without any treatment. We thank the Lord for showering us with blessings through the intercession of Mother Mary and RRC.

Teena, Wilson Garden, Bangalore