Unending Love of God

I was going through a particular difficult phase in the last few weeks. End of last month my payments got stuck and was not in a position to pay the salaries to my employees due to this. It would take at least few months to sort out all the issues and release the payments but I did not have the luxury of time as I could not miss the salaries for so long. My family and I realized that my problems could not be solved by human thinking and came to RRC and prayed with tears and requested the prayers of the priests here. I was assured by the priests that the good Lord will take care of my troubles.

I thought of selling a piece of land to pay the salaries but it was not able to find a buyer at a short notice. We came to RRC next day and attended the services and during the service the Priest gave a message that a person going through financial difficulty is being blessed by the Lord and the Lord providing with a solutions to his financial difficulties. That same evening I got a call asking for my property and they paid the full amount towards it. I was able to pay that month’s salary because of this but the thought as to how I would pay the salary in the coming months was troubling me. We placed the intentions at the hands of Mary and prayed for her intercession. All my problems were solved beyond human capabilities and power. I thank and praise the Lord for all the blessings worshiped on me.

Sanal J, Maruti Nagar, Bangalore