Blessed with Good Health

My brother was down with a dengue fever a few days ago and his condition became severe and the fever had affected his internal organs and soon he was put on ventilator. Four days later the doctors advised us to take him off the ventilator as he was not responding to any treatment. We rushed to the chapel in the hospital with tears in our eyes for a divine intervention and we happened to notice a copy of the renewal voice magazine kept in the hospital chapel. We skimmed through the pages and read all the testimonies and soon realized that the God was working wonders and miracles through RRC. We are Hindus and neither do we believe in Jesus nor we had heard of RRC. As witnessed in the magazine we wanted a miracle in my brother’s life and we called the number given in the magazine and called the priests and asked for their prayers. My brother started recovering miraculously surprising even the doctors and soon was discharged from the hospital. A million thanks to the Lord who works wonders and miracles beyond human imagination.

Rangappa, K.R. Puram, Bangalore