Epitome of Discipleship

The second Vatican Council reiterates the fact that all of us are called to lead a life of holiness. The Lord executes this in our life through different circumstances and situations we face every day. All of us have plan and responsibilities given by God. When we lead our lives as per the plan of God and fulfill our responsibilities we will be made holy.

In Mark 3: 13-15 we see Jesus choosing the 12 apostles. He chose the apostles to be with him emulate his actions through preaching and gave them the prerogative to cast out demons. Casting demons is symbolizes the fight against evil. Whatever be our chosen vocation, it becomes the primary responsibility of every Christian to fulfill God’s plan.

Through baptism Sr. Rani Maria became a disciple of God, through her religious life she possessed a life pleasing to God and became a martyr for the Gospel. She fought the social evils and lived a life fighting against evil forces. In Mathew 5:6 Jesus tells us, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Sr. Rani Maria fought for justice for the poor and the ramification was her martyrdom.

The proof that her sacrifice was accepted by the Lord is the conversion of the person who murdered Sr. Rani Maria and the Church recognized her sacrifice by beatifying her. Sr. Rani Maria offered her life to Jesus and became an epitome of discipleship. When the Holy Church honors her sacrifice and addresses her as, “Blessed” let her life be an inspiration for us too.

Fr. Joseph Mundolickal CST