All the services conducted in RRC for the spiritual growth of the people who come here from far and near are by the grace and guidance of God. We see God’s hand in organizing all the services here without any hindrance and we have seen this from the time the Centre started functioning.

Virunnu Fund

By the grace of God, all the services conducted in RRC are absolutely free and is managed by the Virunnu fund. The small contribution that comes from people who come here and receive blessings through prayers and other services for the last 17 years help us run all the services free of cost. This Centre continues to run by the contributions of likeminded people who incessantly intercede for the Centre and help organize the different services through their time and money.

Karunya Fund

The Lord uses this Centre not only to provide spiritual growth but also help hundreds of people who are reeling under poverty and sufferings. Through Karunya fund we are able to provide help for the marriage of girls from poor families, to build houses, provide medical help for more than 500 people and distribute rice to more than 350 families every month. This is possible only due to the grace and mercy of our God.

Renovation and Construction

Our refectory and the dining hall is being reconstructed as the earlier one was old. The Centre also plans to construct a Stations of the Cross from the gate to the main entrance and a Japamala Bhavan where the faithful can come and pray for their different needs 24 hours a day. We request your prayers and support for these endeavors.

The prayers of thousands of people who find hope and blessings are the foundation for this Retreat Centre. We are able to experience the miracle of feeding the multitude with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish everyday here. Lord Jesus considered the offerings of the poor widow greater than any other. We ask the Lord to shower his blessings on this 23rd anniversary upon the thousands of people who help this Centre through their monetary contribution and prayers.

Fr. linto Thakarappillil CST
Bursar, RRC