Dear Rev. Fr. Director

Praise to be Jesus Christ!

I am happy to know that the Renewal Voice is publishing a special issue in connection with the Virunnu celebration and I sincerely wish you my prayers and God’s blessings in this gracious occasion. Renewal Retreat Centre acts as a channel of God grace and peace through its various ministries. Thousands of people from the vicinities of Bengaluru and other parts of our country come to RRC and experience the healing touch of Jesus and enjoy peace and serenity in their life. Though its primary intention is preaching the word of God and evangelization of whole Karnatka, RRC also helps people in need through the Karunya ministries. Virunnu is a day of thanks giving, both to God the heavenly father and to our benefactors who have been with RRC from its very beginning. It is also a moment of remembrance, a time at which we gratefully remember the multitude of blessings that RRC has received during the last years, we thankfully remember all who encouraged it at the various times of its growth, who supported it when it was facing challenges and who were with it at its time of hardship and difficulties. Let us together thank and worship God for the wonders He has done!

With my prayers and wishes!

Fr. Saji Mathew Kanayankal CST

Provincial Superior