RRC Media Ministries

Media and communications play a huge role in controlling and influencing our daily lives. The lives of many families are influenced and to a greater extend controlled today by internet, television, magazines and various social media platforms. The tendency to ignore the Christian magazines which can help us in our spiritual growth lure us more towards the materialistic pleasure the world has to offer. The self-realization that this kind of living is harmful is slowly creeping upon people. It is time to act quickly when faced with such situations and use these social media platforms to spread the good news. RRC has stepped up to leverage the various social media platforms to spread the good news through its RRC media Ministries wing.

Renewal Voice Magazine

Renewal Voice Magazine is a channel to renew our lives through the word of God and continue to lead a renewed life. RRC chosen by God to cater to the spiritual growth of thousands of people who come to the Centre in need of mercy and blessing and the magazine stands out as the voice of the Centre to spread the good news to all. The magazine becomes a means for the people to continue experiencing God’s mercy and blessings received through the various services held at the center. Articles on family life, personal experiences with God are all an inspiration to its many subscribers. The Magazine completes 17 years and is being published in Kannada, English and Malayalam and is distributed across the world. Let us be a subscriber today and start the preaching of the word within our family first.

RRC Website

The website www.rrcbangalore.in was launched with the intention of ensuring the services conducted in RRC reaches out to people across the world. The website is a hub and provides information on all the services held in the Centre. The faithful can book their retreats, share their testimonies, submit their prayer requests, contribute to Virunnu fund, Karunya fund, and RRC fund and subscribe for the magazine as well.

RRC Live Telecast

RRC live telecast gives people an opportunity to participate live in the main services conducted in RRC being anywhere in the world. The Sunday service between 10 AM and 12 PM and other important services are telecast live through the website and the Renewal Retreat Centre Bangalore YouTube page and Facebook pages.

WhatsApp Ministry

Mobile phone has become a day to day necessity in our lives and RRC leverages mobile phone to spread the good news and bring the different services held at the center to the fingertips. People who are interested to know more about the ministry and to become a member can send a message to the Centre’s WhatsApp number 8123506867.

Music Ministry

RRC uses music to preach the good news and have released several albums like, ‘Amma Manas’, Ushakalatharakam, and Snehardram as part of the music ministry.

Amma Manas Live Program

As part of the Marian celebration held in the month of October, Amma Manas, a program to deepen the Marian faith was telecast. The program included Marian messages, Marian songs, and the testimonies of the people who received healings and blessings through the intercession of Mary our Mother. The program also ensured to clear the doubts people had regarding the Marian worship and adoration along with Mother Mary was the main attraction. The program went live every night at 9 the entire month of October and many people came forward with the healings, blessings and miracles received in their lives after attending the program.

Prabhatha Vandanm

This program aims to start our day with the word of God and adoration and this program comes to us every morning.

Intercessory Prayer

The Holy Mass is offered on every Tuesday and on every Thursday the Renewal Voice Team intercedes in a special way in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, placing the intentions of all the subscribers, volunteers and their family members. When you subscribe or help the publishing of the magazine in some way, prayers are assured for you and your family. You can also send in your prayer request through letters, mail, phone and website and the renewal team will place your intentions in the presence of Blessed Sacrament.

Lord Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” The Lord uses this Centre and all the services held here as an instrument to fulfill His word and to spread His unending love across the world. Let us together with the intercessory prayer groups wait patiently to hear the Lord’s calling.

Fr. Prince Chakkalayil CST
Chief Editor, Renewal Voice