The House built by God

Renewal Retreat Centre (RRC) was started as a small prayer group in the chapel of Vidyabhavan a CST seminary in 1994 under the spiritual guidance of very Rev Fr George Jacob Pudukuzhy. By the grace of God this Centre grew into a bigger Centre quickly and became a spiritual sanctuary for the many who came in search of peace and joy. The main purpose of this house of God is to spread the good news to the people of Karnataka especially to the people of Bangalore.

Holy Eucharistic Celebration, adoration, preaching the word of God are some of the services conducted in this Centre. The day in this Centre begins with prayer for divine blessings. Through the Eucharistic celebration and sacrament of confession thousands of people experience the love of God every day in this Centre. The services help people increase their faith and grow in spirituality. The Centre aims to bring every individual closer to God.

As Renewal Retreat Centre celebrates the 23rd anniversary, let us thank the good Lord for all the blessings he has showered into our lives through this centre.

Fr. Joseph Mundolickal CST
Director, RRC