The invisible Angel

The day started on a bad note for him. Infuriated with the fact that his wife did not give him tea on time, he left home in anger. As he was waiting for the bus to reach office he was fuming and wanted to destruct anything and everything that came in his way. As he was struggling to control his temper he happened to notice a beggar nearby.

He approached the beggar and asked, “You have been begging since morning but have not had any luck. Why do you waste your time here?” The beggar looked at his empty bowl and said, “An angel has been sent to help me. I am not sure when but I will continue to wait for the angel.

The beggar’s words pierced the heart of this man and his eyes welled with tears. He took out a 100 rupee note from his wallet handed it over to the beggar and walked back home in a hurry. He found his wife waiting for him at the door as was her usual practice. When he looked at her face the realization that she was an angel sent to help him in this earthly life hit him hard. He could see her inner beauty and realized that not once had she lost her temper and always took care of him patiently. This realization made him love her more.

Hatred has blinded our eyes and an angel has been sent to wash our eyes with oil of love. This angel could be the one we hate the most. When we are able to forgive and pray the Lord will come into our life to live with us because our God lives where love lives.

Eldho Paul