Blessed with Study and Job

I was preparing to do my Master’s degree and had begun applying to the universities in the USA. When I attended the retreat in RRC, during the counseling when I expressed my desire to study further I was given the message that, “Apply and God will give you one university.” I did not understand these words completely but in time I did. I applied to 10 different universities – all ranging with varied chances of being accepted into. After 9 months, I received only one acceptance letter. I was happy and shocked at the same time because I received rejections from universities that were harder to get into and from universities that were super safe to get into. And it finally made sense to me what the good Lord had revealed to me during the counseling. I did get accepted into only “one” university.

In May 2016 I graduated and applied for my work Visa in the US. I had my work visa start date on July 4th 2016 that would expire on July 3rd 2017. I started applying for jobs all over the US and even had interviews. I was confident I would get someplace but nothing ever went on paper. Then my mother came to RRC and requested prayers. Then we got the message that “Trust in Jesus and he will give your son a job”. Shortly I received an email from one of the reputed companies. This was a company specializing in my field of study.  All I can say at the end of all of it is that, God’s mercy and grace worked this miracle in my life. Bless you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

Adrian Lobo, United States of America