Healing for Cancer in the Ear

In July, our son fell ill and he fell sick in a very bad way. When we went to the doctor and did the necessary checkups, a kind of cancerous cell was found in his left ear. So our whole world came crashing down. We would find our son in deep pain, there were times where he could not bear it and he would be running up and down the house screaming, putting ice cubes in his ears, asking to pour hot water, because he did not know what needed to be done.

When we were attending a retreat conducted by the RRC team, a message was given that there is someone here in the crowd who has ear problems, God is touching someone in the crowd – it is the left ear.  At this point I asked the Holy Spirit to show me a sign or give me a sign that it is my son.  At that very moment my son felt that his left ear is on fire.  In fact his left ear was medically declared dead – no sensation and here my boy was feeling the heat and ringing sensation. After the retreat when we visited the doctor he was surprised to see that my son had received a miraculous healing. With the utmost gratitude in our hearts to our Lord,

Melania Fernandes, Scotland