Healing from Appendicitis

Last year in the month of January, I started getting acute stomach pain and I took it very lightly, to the point I could bear it no more. I had no choice but to go to the doctor and he immediately suggested a scan. When the reports came it was appendicitis and the area was so inflamed that my doctor suggested I see a surgeon.

The surgeon said that I had to go in for an operation or it would rupture anytime. I nodded my head but in my heart I had decided to come to RRC and pray to the Lord for healing. So I attended the service in RRC and during the laying of hands I felt a sudden heat pass inside my body and I started sweating and felt very weak and the pain, which was so acute, just vanished in a second and I was healed. I never had to go for a surgery. Bless you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

Flossy Lobo, Bangalore