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Resurrection is a word that fills us with positive energy every time we hear it. This word fills us with hope. The apostles locked themselves after the crucifixion with no absolute hope. The minute they heard that Jesus had risen filled them with hope and energy as never before.

We see this energy even in nature. The earth wakes up to morning rays of the sun. The seeds sprout after a rain. A patient on the death bed is brought back to health by the tender care of the doctor. When broken families become Holy families, it is a witness to the positive energy of resurrection.

Resurrection can be seen as a result of our sufferings. We should realize the fact that at the end of every suffering that we go through there is an opportunity for us to rise. Jesus went through a lot of sufferings before his resurrection. Deserted by his disciples and going through a lot suffering on his way to Calvary, Jesus broke through all barriers and rose again on the 3rd day. By this Jesus gave the hope of resurrection to all mankind. Through this Jesus taught us a valuable lesson that at the end of the suffering there is rising. And Jesus wants us to remember this lesson in our lives.

Easter Sunday is a call and a reminder to move the stones as well. When Mary Magdalene was approaching the tomb there was only one thought in her ‘mind how to move the stones covering the tomb of Jesus’. But the angels had moved the stones for her. Easter calls each and every one of us remove the stones of selfishness, greed and sins and to step into the land of resurrection.

If we are not able to experience the risen Lord even after removing the stones then we must work harder to experience it. St Thomas did not believe Jesus had risen and wanted to see it for himself and this made Jesus come down from heaven. St Thomas fought with Jesus to see the risen Lord. Let us also like St Thomas be tenacious in our need to see the risen Lord.

Let us look at some of the aspects of Easter. When we are faced with trouble we realize our true potential. Let us look at Judas, his life was a failure. He was one of the apostles of Christ but he betrayed Christ with a kiss. Are we also not like this Judas forgetting the love and care of our Lord in our worst times and walking away from him on the path of Judas?

Easter is also a day of success. It made Peter who was very weak in faith the foundation, the rock on which the Church is built. Jesus is calling each one of us to return to him like Peter did and the season of Lent gives us an opportunity to return to the Lord.

Let us examine ourselves. Are we like Peter who wavered on the water that day. Is our faith lasting only until the season of Lent or can we become like Peter continue our faith and become the rock, the foundation?

Many great leaders have died but only one person rose again. We the children of the risen Lord celebrate Easter with songs of praise and worship.

Fr Antony Parakkadavil

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