All of us have only one destination in our minds i.e. to reach our eternal abode – Heaven. Our prayers, way of life is our way to ensure that we reach this destination. Mary our mother teaches us some shortcuts to reach heaven.

  1. Personal Surrender

When the Angel Gabriel came with good news to Mary she accepted the word of God without any question and gave up her desires and lived a life as per the will of God. She had to pay a huge price for this dedication.

Mary along with her friends spends most of her growing years in the temple and the Lord had chosen Joseph to be her spouse. When she got to know she was pregnant the first thought that came to her mind was that Joseph is sure to reject her and she will have to face death as per the law. According to the Jewish tradition if an unmarried woman was found to be pregnant they would stone her to death and this thought troubled Mary. She realized that her surrender to the will of God can even endanger her life despite that she surrendered herself to the will of God.

  1. An Attitude of Benevolence

After surrendering herself to the will of God and accepting to give birth to the savior of the world, Mary also went to serve Elizabeth and John the Baptist who was to make way for the Lord. The Bible portrays the picture of Mary rushing to serve Elizabeth. This example of Mary is an inspiration to all those who spent their life in service of the Lord.

  1. Spiritual Meditation

The Holy Bible says that Mary encapsulated everything in her heart. It shows that Mary spent her time meditating the word of God. When we spend time in meditation wisdom is given to us. Wisdom reveals the mysteries of God. It is because Mary spent her time in meditation and through the revelation of wisdom that the first miracle of Christ was through Mary. Everyone who wants the glory of God to fill their lives should spend time in spiritual meditation.

  1. A life of Suffering

From the manger to the Calvary Mary’s life was filled with suffering. Jesus went through the suffering the same way. Even though the suffering that Mary went through was not as severe as Jesus’, but it was longer than the suffering that Jesus went through. All those who want to follow the path of Christ; Mary becomes a role model of suffering.

  1. Accept without Grouse

The disciples not only received love and care from Jesus but also a mother’s love from Mary. Mary knew how much Jesus had cared for his disciples in his three years of ministry. But these disciples were nowhere near him at the time of his painful journey to Calvary. At Gethsemane, the Praetorium and the Calvary the disciples were nowhere to be seen apart from John who stood by her at Calvary. Mary could have held a grouse against the disciples who deserted Jesus during his suffering. But such a thought never passed her mind. On the day of the Pentecost Mary being present along with the disciples is a proof of this fact. She held the disciples together, thus showing that we have no right to accuse the chosen people and the will of God is manifested through everyone’s life.

Let us inculcate in our lives these qualities that Mother Mary lived in her life. Let us hold on to her hand and walk towards heaven. Mother Mary is the shortcut in our way to heaven. Let us attain Jesus through Mother Mary.

Joshy Anappara